Tuesday, February 26, 2008

For those of you who dont have a microscope....

This is my new imagine (avatar) for my Etsy shop. You cant really see the detail on Etsy which frustrates me, it is such a tiny thumbnail but I love the pic! I thought it was pretty cool since the pic says pretty much what my shop is about. Notice... the skeleton key finding my treasures... my quilts and things. The grubby tag is what I put on each one of my products when I wrap them up and ship it out. I put the washing and handling instructions on the back of each tag as well. It's not just selling the product but about presenting it to each one of my clients as well, giving them the complete package! This pic is from the buffet my Mom gave me and I cherish it, I have always loved it! I love the sight of an old antique chest, cabinet, buffet, or whatnot stuffed full of beautiful quilts and quilted items. There is something so amazing of all the colors and hard work arrayed for everyone to see. It is a lovely presentation that makes my heart stop when I see them! Anyways, just thought I would share with you all!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Xtra Lucky

Here is what I am currently working on, Xtra Lucky. It is made with two different blocks... one a 9 block and a snowball block. I ended up quilting it all on diagonals. I felt like the quilt was missing some things so I appliqued some shamrocks in two corners and sewed them on with a blanket stitch. I am really happy how it turned out. I just need to hand sew the binding on and hand stitch it's name, the date and my signature. I will be putting it up on Etsy for sale. Since it is a smaller quilt, just a throw size, I am only going to be asking $75 for it. I should have it up either today or tomorrow for sale on Etsy.

During my trials of selling my quilts other places besides online (flea markets and craft shows), I always had this special quilt I made for my husband, while he was in Iraq, as a table cover to sell my things. It has Celtic letters of our last name across it and shamrocks everywhere. I have had so many comments of how much they loved the quilt that I figured I would do some quilts that have the "Irish" theme and see how it goes.

I have so many ideas in my head of things to make and sell on Etsy. I just think I have to find my niche, my specialty. So far, I have sold one thing, which I was so excited about but nothing since and I am now getting kinda frustrated. I didnt think I would sell my products like hotcakes but I was hoping to do better. I am keeping my spirits up and just going to keep trying new things and seeing how they go, if they sell well, I will keep cranking them out! Just pray that I will have success and I find a product that makes me stand out! I have so much faith this is what I am suppose to be doing but I feel frustrated at times!

Thanks for the support everyone! Take Care and God Bless! T

Thursday, February 21, 2008

She is now broke in....

Well, here is my newest item on Etsy but the reason I am putting it up on here is because it is the first thing done on my new machine. Everything turned out beautifully and I couldnt be more happier about my new machine! I LOVE IT! If you are interested in this item, it is being sold on my Etsy shop! Just wanted you all to see! Take Care!

A New Arrival!

I am so excited to introduce everyone to my new baby! She was definitly a gift from God, I prayed prayed prayed I would find a perfect machine at a good price to keep my little business going.. well I sure did! I wont get into the story but without a doubt, God allowed me to get her! She is completely Electronic, with a work table attachment, she is a special quilting addition machine and even came to with a walking foot and the free arm quilting attachment.... I am so excited to have her! She works perfectly and I know she will be a good machine! Since I have gotten her, I have so many new ideas of things I want to do! My only problem, not enough time to do them all, 1 thing at a time right!?!?!

Grandpa Keys Lap Quilt

Well, here is a special lap quilt I have felt compelled to make for Grandpa Keys. He and his wife are living in Northern Wisconsin and living the dream life.... you know, the kind you think about when you get old, just you and your spouse, no matter what happens, you cant live without eachother. They are both old, Chris is mostly blind and Grandpa is in a wheelchair, unable to speak but they cant be apart from eachother so Chris does her best to take care of Grandpa. She still works on her garden, knitting and doing things outside... I dont know their age but they have to be atleast 70 years old. Now that is some TRUE LOVE, I only pray my husband and I will live that long and be able to be together just the two of us. I got a letter from Chris the other day and she was telling me how Grandpa is doing and how he is always in his wheelchair. The first thing that came to mind is, wow, he must be cold all the time.... anyone that knows it up there knows it is a really cold place to live! So, here is the quilt I want to make him. To me, quilts are much more then just a "blanket" they are special, time consuming, full of thoughts and prayers, blankets of love. The least I could do is make him something to know we love him and are thinking of him, its just a little something! So here is what the block looks like and the other pic is of them put together. I have to put a few boarders on and then quilt it. I am doing two lap quilts, one for Grandpa Keys and another one for Etsy.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Went Shopping

Well today I went shopping, a local store here was having a huge sale so I couldnt resist checking it out.... a few hours later, I came out with these fabrics. I decided to make a St. Patrick's Day lap quilt to sell on Etsy. I have it all pictured it my head how I want it but I will have to wait and see if it turns out.... usually it does or else it turns out better... haha yes I am confident! I loved this shamrock-lady bug fabric... it was a subtle theme of my Irish heritage but at the same time, it can be kept out all year long. As I begin to work on it, I will take pics so you can see it as I go. Unfortunitly, I will not be able to start till Tuesday, reason being, I am going on a weekend trip with the family to see some close friends of my husband's. I am pretty excited, we have been away from "home" for awhile and I finally get to meet these great people my husband is always talking so highly of. I also plan to cook them a good Italian meal (I am also Italian and Sicilian), I promised Cynthia I would teach her to cook Italian if she promised to teach me to cook Mexican. That is a pretty fair trade since both the cuisines are DELISHHHHHH! Besides all that cool stuff, we are going to be heading into Atlanta and checking out the aquarium (it was on the Today show this week) which my girls are going to LOVE! It's a surprise! Well, I better get cleaning and packing... have a good weekend all! Be Back Tuesday!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Rest In Peace Mr. White.... 12/05-2/08

In great regret, Mr. "Whitey" White has past on yesterday. He allowed me to finish my "Loving Kindness" quilt and when I went to put the binding on, I found him there, not able to sew correctly. His final diagnosis was a lock stitch button stuck down, only allowing him to sew in reverse. He was a trusty machine, nothing special, just a $300 special from JoAnn's but him and I went thru alot of projects. He gave me all he could give. Yesterday, I knew he was on his last legs and I prayed "God if he is done, let him go today...." later in the day, when I went back to finish the binding, he was no longer able to go. He is in a much better place now, no longer used as a stepping stool when my 3 year old couldnt reach cookies on the counter, no longer stuck on the floor being kicked and hit. Thank you Whitey for the 3 years of your loyality and dedication! I will forever remember the project we did together and the tips and techniques I have learned with you!

Have a good day everyone, time to go sewing machine hunting!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"Loving Kindness"

So this is my latest project. My best friend asked me to make a quilt for someone very special in her life. I knew exactly the quilt to make and here she is! It ended up being a way bigger quilt then we both expected but after all the hard work and the pain in the butt machine quilting this baby, it has totally paid off! I finally finished machine quilting it yesterday. The feeling of the last stitch being made on her was the best feeling in the world! I thought I would never be done. I just need to do the binding and hand stitch her name (Loving Kindness), the date, and my sig..... this quilt has opened my eyes to so many things, other then quilting and so now I have a special attachment to her! I have learned that when God speaks to me I need to be obedient to what he says and it does pay off! It amazes me that thru little acts of kindness and love that can effect so many more people then you could ever imagine. This world might be not the easiest place to be a good person in but starting with yourself, it can touch lives beyond your ability to understand. Having faith that God is watching you and is guiding you along your path is the most peaceful feeling imaginable in your time of need. It amazing what you learn being alone in the secret quiet place with God. This is why she is named "Loving Kindness".

U.P. Bear Xing

I made this guy for my dad, it was for his birthday and the "theme" in his house is deer, bear, elk... cabin scene... you get the drift! Anywho, I pictured this place I use to drive past weekly when I was little called, Green Garden Road and I would see these two hills meeting together, making a valley with tall pine trees on the edges of the valley. Normally, we would see deer feeding there but I added the bear instead. I did the design all from my head. The boarder fabric is by Moda called Northwood Crossing. I named this wallhanging, UP Bear Xing.