Friday, March 28, 2008

Its UP!

Well, I have finally finished the Equestrian quilt! So happy that I am finished! This was such a fun pattern and I enjoyed myself doing it, I will be doing this pattern again, just different types of fabric and see if I can change it up with the same great results I got with this one. I put it up on my shop tonight and we will see what happens.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Morning Surprise!

I woke up the other day and found some beautiful flowers in a "shrub" that I sit next to every morning taking in the fresh South Carolina air. I looked over and found these amazing fuchsia colored flowers fully bloomed! I had no clue that these everyday bushes were actually able to bloom flowers, let alone the amazing beauty of them that brightened my day. I guess the phrase don't judge a book (bush) by its cover (branches) is a great saying involving these shrubs! They have buds everywhere and soon will have a full backyard overtaken by flowers! My girls love the flowers and so do I! An absolutely amazing sight!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Easter!

Here are my girls, right after the Easter egg hunt, they were pretty excited and it was a blast watching them find the eggs. Everytime Kaelin would find an egg she would gasp before she would grab it and put it in her basket, like it was the first time she found one! Alyssa, as sweet as she is, would see one and debate on if it was an easy one for Kaelin or if she could grab it for herself!
We had a very good "family day", it started off with the girls finding there basket from the Easter Bunny, and then we explained to the girls that today will be a day of rest.... no TV, no Internet, even no quilting for Mommy. It was really hard for me, especially the quilting part but it was so worth it! We had a nice breakfast, had them play outside all day, we did the egg hunt in the afternoon, Jason went and picked up some Chinese food for lunch and then in the evening, we grilled out. Then we had a nice fire and hung around it till night fall. It was amazing family time and now I see why God had written that the Sabbath should be a day of rest! Not that I questioned God, it is just that it is so hard to just put everything down and not finish or work on things that we have lists to do. We decided that every Sunday will be our family day and the day of rest. We feel as if we connected with our kids better and we were refreshed for the new work week. I feel as if we all benefited from this day and we will continue to do it! Hope you all had as an amazing Easter as we did!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Admitting your addicted is the first step....

My name is Teri Keys and I am addicted to buying fabric! Ok I said it, I have a problem! I have stacks of fabrics to be made into quilts, table toppers, notion projects.... but I cant stop buying more! I just see fabrics I love and I go into this crazy zone and cant quit till I have had them cut, and then you have to buy them if they are cut! I just cant quit! Is there some sort of addiction therapy or meetings to go to? If you just look at the fabrics, you can see why I had to once again purchase yet again, more fabrics... they are a beautiful color combination! When I was at the store, I had a lady walk up to me and ask me "Are you making a quilt!?" I went on and told her what I was going to make, she said "Those are beautiful fabrics for a quilt!" and then went on to tell me about the Quilt Shop down the road!!!! WHAT?!?! I have another place I can buy MORE fabrics?!?! Her words just enabled me to buy the fabrics and now, find a place to get a better selection of fabrics? Was I in heaven or hell? Quilt Shop is a beautiful sound to my ears and then a bad feeling in my gut... spending more money? How do you do it, stop buying and start making... my way of trying to make it ok is to get these projects out and then it would be OK to buy more, sounds nice but I cant do it! Lord Help ME!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I sold my first QUILT!

Today, I woke up and had to run somewhere really fast but wanted to check my email first, I opened one saying "Congratulations you sold an item on Etsy!"... I was so excited! A woman from the UK will be getting my beloved BusyB quilt... I worked on this quilt for the longest time, I machine sewed the picture of the flowers on with ZigZag stitching and then hand sewed the bumble bees.. I also have a bee hive on the side of it and the bees are buzzing around the border with wind gusts on it..all that was hand sewn as well! I was asked if I was sad I sold it... now that I think about it, maybe a little because it was 100% my own creation and I put alot of hard work and HEART into this quilt! This is officially my 2nd item sold on Etsy but this is my first quilt... I am so relieved I sold something, I was curious of how long it was going to take to get another sale, it can be discouraging at times but I know its all a waiting game and alot of work to get yourself out there! Well, I need to get this quilt tied with some ribbon, attach my cleaning instruction on a grubby tag and get it all ready to be shipped this afternoon!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I have been BUSY!

Here is the face of the quilt! Not really sure if I am going to put a border... the pattern doesn't call for one but I have never NOT put a border on my quilts. I LOVE IT! I am absolutely please with this pattern and how it turned out! Tomorrow I am hoping to quilt it, I am still pretty excited! I had a goal to get it done this weekend since my husband is gone to a family event in Tennessee, so far so good, who knows, we will see, I am just elated I got what I have gotten done already! I do have one problem though, I really don't think it shows off the Equestrian fabric... so I am thinking of changing the name... any ideas? Maybe I will get a poll going if I get enough name options for it... so give it a shot!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Construction of the Equestrian Quilt.

Ok so the past few days I have been putting this quilt together, it seems to be a lot of work but what quilt isn't?
I started off cutting 13 squares from 7 different fabrics and 25 from the cream fabric,I was cutting ALL day! After I drew diagonal lines on half the squares so I had a line to follow on them, I then followed the lines on the right side of the line, and then went back on the other side of the line, which gave me two different units per square I sewed. I then cut along the diagonal line and then I came out with a bundle of squares! I then pressed each square open. These pictures above show you the steps I have done... so glad to be done with that! Now the fun really begins, today I will be piecing the units together for them to become squares, each one will measure 11"x11"..... this is when I get to see my hard work pay off and get to see the squares become the face of the quilt... I will continue to take pics! Well, off to sewing! Have a good day!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Starting of a new Quilt!

Well, here I go again.. I am pretty excited to start this quilt. I got a special package from my Mom the other day and found some cool fabric (not these ones) and a new pattern I have never tried before. I decided to check it out, found these fabrics in my stash and thought I would make a throw to put up on Etsy! I am all through cutting and now I have to start piecing. We will see how it goes, I will take pics along the way, if it turns out well, I think I will be using the same pattern but totally different fabrics... florals. From the fabrics, it is definitely a mans sort of throw along with the horse-horseshoe-diagonal plaid fabric, I seem to be calling it my Equestrian quilt so we will see if it sticks but for right now, thats what it is called! Wish me good luck! haha

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A new beginning to a little life!

Well, something very special happened to me about an hour ago, I was putting Kaelin down to sleep, the every night ritual of singing two songs to her while I rub her back and then we pray together. I decided to sing Jesus Loves Me, as I was singing it she kept saying, "I love Jesus too Momma" at the end of the song she started to ask me about him. She asked if Jesus died, in the most simplest kid translation, I told her "Well he did but mostly NO, he went to Heaven" she then asked me "How do you get to heaven Momma?" I went on and told her that we have to ask Jesus in our hearts. She said "Momma, I want Jesus in my heart!". We prayed my best Salvation Prayer that I could remember but I was so taken back at my little 3 years old, I wanted to cry and laugh all at the same time! When we were done, I told her good night and went to walk out of bedroom, Kaelin says "Hey Momma, guess what? Jesus is in my heart!" How blessed am I that I have two girls that I know I will one day see in Heaven! I will never be apart from them from this day forward! Life doesn't get any better then that!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Another project finished!

Well here is the finished lap quilt for Grandpa Keys... Very excited to have it finished and how it turned out. I am a little disappointed by my string color I decided on, I didn't realise that it was going to stand out so much but over all I am pleased. I hope they use it often and feel wrapped in our love every time it in layed on him!

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Just a Thank You....

Well, here is a Thank You present to the Ortega's for opening up their house to my family a few weeks back. They gave us an adventurous weekend that left us with pleasant memories of our families together. They have this huge beautiful table that I thought this would be perfect for. The design of this table runner was thought of by my sister and I, it turned our looking different then I wanted because of the brown piece in the middle and the boarders I chose for it, it is all the way you piece things. I wanted a modern feel so I added some mod circles at the end of each side, I wasn't sure about it (thought they looked like EGGS!) but after I did the blanket stitching around them I was very pleased with the total outcome. After seeing it all together I figured I will do one for Etsy, after I am finished doing some other lists of things I have stored in my head! So much work to do, so little time... haha If you like it, let me know!