Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homefront Street Team~ MayDay Giveaway!

I am so excited about this post, this is why I haven't posted for so long... I have been getting some projects finished up so I could focus on making this baby! This is my Framed Flower Wall hanging that is pieced with Flower of the Month 2007 fabrics. Appliqued two toned pink Bell Flowers held down with a blanket stitch, stems are a decorative stitching with a dark green Egyptian cotton threading, leaves are a green and yellow calico fabric and finished with the same fabric on boarders. Made of pre-washed 100% cotton quilt shop material, 100% cotton batting and muslin. Sleeve hand stitched to the back, hand stitched binding and name, date and signature on the back. Measures 19 inches by 19 1/2 inches! Guess what, it isn't going to be put up on my shop for Etsy, it is going to be my shop's MayDay Giveway by the Homefront Street Team! So this is the deal....
Enter the Homefront Street Team's May Day Giveaway running May 1st through 15th! There are 19 amazing Homefront Street Team shop giving away free stuff! Go to to enter!
One entry per shop, you have go to each shop and convo them through Etsy to enter. The winner will be picked from the shop owner on May, the 16th and announced all the individual shops, the 18th there will be a winners post from the Homefront Street Team Blog (the link above). There are NO string attached, this is totally free! Our goal as a team is to get more people to know about our shops and possibly buy!
The Homefront Street Team is a group of Military Spouses that have came together as Etsians and Military wives... we have those two huge things in our lives that bring us together! These ladies are amazing women... dedicated to our husbands and our passion, ETSY! Please support us Military wives and just check our shops out and enter our giveaway. Please let everyone know about us.. family, friends, neighbors, co-workers! Thank you all in advance for your support!
I am looking forward to your convo!haha
Take Care,

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My sewing caddy line....

I am proud to show you my sewing caddy line... it took alot of different designs and pockets and things like that but after all the trial and error, here they are! I made myself my own personal caddy to try out before I sold them on my shop, I wanted personal experience and if there were any problems, I could add or tweak the design... which I did. The biggest problem, especially for a quilter, was the machine itself would move when I would "pivot" my project... so I figured out a way to stablize the caddy.... after knowing that, here is my intro to my sewing caddy that is posted on my Etsy shop....
This Sewing Caddy is a nice little gadget I started, and then slowly have made improvements to and now feel the design is perfected and ready to sell. It is intended to go under the sewing machine so you can have all your accessories in front of you, NO MORE LOSING YOUR SCISSORS! :) This Caddy comes with 4 pockets that will hold your sewing needs for your project! It is strong and durable and also comes with foam sticky tabs (double secured with a heavy duty glue) so the machine will stay stable as you sew. It is also handy because when you are done with your project, no need to put all your sewing accessories away, just remove the sewing caddy from under the machine, fold it up and secure it with the ribbon and button. Measures shut 16 1/2 inches by 7 inches, open 16 1/2 inches by 14 inches.
So far, I have two different fabric designs but plan to make more, check out my shop for new items... I am working on a few this week... so RSS my shop! :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

The Quilted Service Flag

As you all know, I made my own version of the Service Flag, just kinda started piecing strips together and ended up with this, I love it... when and if Jason deploys again, I will have this bad boy hanging on my front door!
The tradition of the service flag dates back to WWI. Mothers of young soldiers hand stitched red, white, and blue flags to hang in their windows as a sign that a loved one had gone to fight the war. This tradition was later extended to the wives and families of the service members. When the loved one returns home, the flag is taken down to announce their return.
The coolest thing about this item is that I will be donating 25% of the proceeds to the Quilts of Valor Foundation. The mission of this foundation is to cover ALL war wounded and injured service members and veterans from the War on Terror whether physical or psychological wounds with wartime quilts called Quilts of Valor. A Quilt of Valor is a beautifully made, pieced and quilted wartime quilt made by wartime quilters from all over. If you would like to find out more about this foundation or donate yourself, .
From the research about this foundation I have done, I can say it truly touch my heart when I read about it. Quilting Guilds or quilters alike, each make a quilt or more then one, they can either piece it and send it to a Long arm quilter that has volunteered to do it for the QOVF or the quilter can quilt it themselves. It then gets sent to designated hospitals around the US, the chaplain of the hospital then takes them, does a blessing over them, and then hands them out to every injured veteran of the War on Terror. You can donate with the quilts, with money for shipping the quilts to the hospitals and even donating fabric scraps and things to make the quilt. It does not have to be a certain color or theme to the fabric or quilt, it just has to be a regulation size quilt.
I thought it was interesting and as many quilters as I know, I thought it might interest them in helping US Veteran's all across the world but the thing they love to do, QUILT! Or they can donate extra fabric they have laying around, and help others by their giving! For more information, click the QOVF link above!

The fun begins!

So... this is the latest my household... my husband started Drill school (a school in which soldiers must go to before they are officially a Drill Sgt.), yesterday, as far as what we have heard, he will be gone from before 4am and be back home around 9pm, Monday thru Saturday, Sunday's off. I have found myself running over with extra time on my hands... so yesterday, I made a service flag and the sister table runner to the Twisted Tulips Table topper. I have them both posted now on my Etsy shop. I have good news, I have sold another 2 items from my shop... the Quilted Service Flag and the Twisted Tulips Table topper... this has been my best month so far. I feel as if all the work I have put in is now paying off! I felt like my shop was getting bare and had to do some work to get it looking pretty again. I have so many projects planned, so much fabric to make them and I seem to always just going with something new! I need to get more organized with the work I need to do! I am loving it though, not that Jason is gone all the time, but I can wake up and start working on things, hang out with Kaelin a little while, go back and work on things :), cook dinner, go back and work on things :), get the kids to bed, go back and work on things... and don't have to pack up my things and clean till 8pm or so... its nice. This is only day 2 of thing so probably by week 2, I will be sad and lonely! Haha, I am just trying to enjoy it as long as I can!

Jason is doing really well with school so far, it is Jason as his best and I love to see him like that! He is an amazing husband and Daddy... I couldn't have asked for a better guy.... ok one that plays less video games but besides that.... haha kidding... I am truly blessed! He is my best friend even if he does fart alot! haha DID I SAY THAT ALOUD??? Ok I think the loneliness is already kickin in......

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Update on Ashley's Woodland Dream

Well here is the ALMOST finished product, I just have to stitch down the flowers... other then that, I can start quilting! I opted to put some Michigan Wildflowers on the border, it was to plain and it needed to be more girly! I did some research of all the Michigan Wildflowers, so I decided on these flowers... Pasture Rose, Black Eyed Susan, Purple Corn Flower, Spider wort, Yellow Wood-Sorrel, Bull Thistle, Blue Sailors and Dept ford flowers. I am pleased and cant wait to be able to send this to Kathy! She has been so patient waiting on an update, so here it is!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Quilt Trunk Show in Camden, SC.

A week back or so, I ran into this friendly, happy woman, Sue, at Jo-Ann fabrics, I got a huge kick out of her, she of course made me laugh and we talked for awhile about quilting! I was so happy to have found a fellow quilter and we seemed to have gotten along so well! Anyways, she invited me to this Trunk Show that was being put on by her quilting guild, I was a little hesitant but I became interested in it when she told me a little about it, she said Pat Knoechel (Eleanor Burns' sister) was going to be coming to speak, show us some quilts, techniques, and promote her and her sister's items and it was free! :) I thought, cant beat that but I had never been to something like this and was intrigued about it. I thought, if my Mom or sister were with me, I would totally go... don't let me being alone stop me! So somehow everything went as planned and I was able to go!
Well today, I got into my car right before 9am (crazy I know, anyone that knows me knows I don't get up that early for ANYTHING!!) and started my way to Camden, SC. It said on mapquest it was about 45 minutes away but for me, it only took 30 minutes, the show didn't start till 10 am so I decided to take a spin around. The town is beautiful... amazing housing, plenty of Antique shops, historical building... just that good ole town feeling, it has a presents in it that was very inviting! I found the Fine Art Center located on York and Littleton Street and went in and sat down. The ladies were all very friendly, I had a few come and chat with me.... don't know if it was because they felt sorry for me being by my lonesome or if they were just really nice and friendly ladies, either way, it made me feel very welcome. Right before it started, Sue found me and invited me to sit with her, right in the second row... of course, I followed... I LOVED the show, she showed us her AMAZING quilts, tips and techniques, the templates and patterns of how to quilt faster and more accurately. Pat was a fun woman, she dressed in a long flowwy brown dress, a nice long sleeve shirt and some sandals, she referred to herself as a flower child but I don't think it was only because of the 70's it was because she loves to fussy cut herself some flowers! haha She was crazy and cooky like her sister, just a overall fun person and she made the show very laid back yet pleasant. The overall experience was a lot of fun, I am so thankful I ran into Sue and was invited to this trunk show! I couldn't have expected a better day away from the kids and house by myself.
To add to the fun day, I ended up buying some items from the show... I got a few patterns (1941 Nine Patch and Pinwheels & Rectangles), I also got some templates (Mini Ruler Set and Triangle Square Up Ruler) but the best thing of all that I got... was an very personal invitation to the next Worker Bee's Guild meeting.... so this experience will not just be stopping here, I may have found myself a Guild... which is really good for me! It was an amazing time! Here are some pictures of the quilts that were presented to us at the show!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Finished the appliqued blocks!

Just wanted to show the progress I have gotten on the blocks! Now that I am done bordering them with the sage green and coordinating theme fabric all I have to do is sew all the blocks together.... OH but I am still not done there, I have to put the borders on for a finished look! I am getting there, maybe slowly but surely! This is the lower left block... a cool beach scene that is personally my favorite appliqued block! I like the light color fabrics and just the overall feel... reminds me of the U.P. beaches with sand dunes everywhere before the water! :)

Sunday, April 6, 2008

On to my second step....

Here is the first steps to my second step, if that makes any sense. Here are the first three appliqued squares. Two pine tree settings and a mountain setting. I was asked to use greens, browns, and blues and try to incorporate pinks and purples since the quilt is being made for a little girl. I also will be doing a canoe appliqued square and a appliqued bear setting. My next step to these squares are to stitch them down and then border them with a sage green and a themed fabric (which is used in the center square of the log cabin block). I will also be hand stitching down the smaller appliques and hand stitching the stems to the flowers. A lot of hard work and creativity has been put into this quilt and it has been a nice change to my recent projects so I have so far enjoyed myself!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Step One to Ashley's Quilt.

Here is the first step to Ashley's Woodland Dream quilt. Like I had mentioned in the first blog about this quilt, I will be doing 4 log cabin blocks. Here they are! I fussy cut 2 1/2 inch squares and then log cabined them with 1 1/2 inch strips of coordinating fabrics. At first I was thinking of doing a classic log cabin block but I felt as if I should keep the block more uniform and neat looking for this quilt! I am very much about my quilts having patterns and it was to hard for me to just place the strips however, without some sort of pattern. I decided to use the fabrics as echos... starting with sage green, next tan, and then light blue. Sticking with a pattern, I then rounded the block with green, brown, and blue with a dark shade. Next, I have to start with the appliqued blocks. I will try to coordinate these fabrics into the appliqued blocks to pull all the colors together! This so far has been a lot of fun but what quilt isn't fun doing when you are just doing the top... haha! We will see what I have to say when it comes time to start quilting her! Have a good weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Starting the Alchemy Quilt.

As many of you DON'T know, I made a bid on a quilt from Alchemy and won! Alchemy is on and the buyers post a request looking for the certain item they want to purchase, sellers make bids on the request and the buyer selects one person to do it for them. Kathy, the buyer, wanted a special quilt for her daughter Ashley's amazing, special made, log toddler bed... (you should see it, its breath taking!) she wanted appliques of bears, canoes, trees, moose, cabins... something to that affect! I decided to just see what happens and ended up making a bid, something completely different then I am ending up making. Anyways, Kathy and I emailed back and forth and found out how much we had in common, she is a fellow Michigander, her family is from the U.P. and we both have family member in the logging industry. After many emails back and forth, just shooting the poop about our lives and stuff, we ended up coming to an agreement of the quilt I will make for Ashley.

I will be making a toddler quilt, 9 squares total, 5 appliqued with a bear, trees, mountains, a canoe... and 4 log cabin blocks. This is the beginning fabric of the quilt, I need to go get more calico type fabric but I wanted to start posting the events that take place for this quilt. I will be posting along the way in this journey of "Ashley's Woodland Dreams" so stick with me.....

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Happy April!

Spring is here, well at least anywhere then the Midwest but I am starting to put out spring items in my Etsy shop. Here is my Twisted Tulips table topper, it is appliqued with tulips and blanket stitched in coordinating threads. This was fun to make and a pretty fast project which I like. I quilted each triangle and echo quilted the middle around the tulips. I will be making a "sister" table runner using the same fabrics and having the same tulips on it but in table runner form. This table topper measures 24 inches by 24 inches. It is now available on my shop to purchase along with other photos of the details and backing of it. Happy Spring to everyone!