Friday, June 20, 2008

This ending is going to be a beautiful beggining!

WE made it! After the long hours and hard work my husband graduated from Drill School. He is officially a Drill Sgt for the United States Army. I am so proud of him! At the ceremony, I became emotional but wouldn't allow myself to cry, Jason would be upset, no matter why I am crying, he gets upset seeing me that way... it was his day so I kept it together. He is such a survivor, he pushes himself to points where I know I would have given up but he set him mind on a goal, and didn't give up. I didn't think I was going to be so excited, my thinking was, it is just a few year MOS change but when I was at the ceremony, talking about the importunates and honor it is to be a Drill SGT., I just swelled up with pride thinking my husband is doing this. He passed everything he needed to, he did great in the physical aspect, the life survivor coarse was a breeze to him but he did the best in academics, he had a 93% grade point average. I have always known he was an honorable person, it is one of the reasons I feel in love with him but now, everyone can know what I have always known! Here is my husband, my babies daddy :), my best friend, mine and the U.S. Army's Drill Sgt!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Newer items up for grabs!

Here are my new arrivals to my shop! I picked up the fabric last Saturday at a different quilt shop in town, Creative Sewing Machine Center, . The fabrics were so amazing they have inspired me to make many new projects! The first one is the Peach Peony table runner, made from a pattern my Mom sent me, its wasn't as easy as you may think, it has a lot of pressing involved! The second is the Seaweeds Table runner and that was a lot of fun to make. Seaweeds is my own creation and couldn't be happier with the outcome! Both up for sale in my shop! More details and pricing at! Stay tuned for more new projects I have been inspired to make by some amazing fabrics by Timeless Treasures, Amy Butler, Moda and Free Spirit fabric lines.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Apaches in Iraq!

My husband and I were bored, surfing and came across this video of Jason's Company while serving in Iraq and actually had pictures of him and his battle buddies! We laughed our butts off then he just became blank watching it. I wanted to share this with my family and friends! I am so proud of him.

Jason served with 172nd Stryker Brigade, Alpha Co, 1Battalion 17 Infantry Regiment for 12 months in Mosul and another 4 months in downtown Baghdad, Iraq. That was one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life, after the year deployment, a week till they were to be home, we received a phone call from FRG saying they had been hand picked to doing a special mission in Baghdad, wow was I devastated but I took it like a trooper and pressed on! I realise how lucky I truly am to have him home and safe in my arms. God was watching out for the both of us. We lost 35 men in the 16 months and it could have been anyone of our husbands, we are so blessed God has his angels around them. Even though the 172nd patch is retired and hung up in the history books, they will forever be apart of me... its strange but when people ask me about my husband and what company/battalion/brigade, out of habit, I still say 172nd. I will forever be a 172nd wife and wear it proudly! Like he wears his combat patch proudly saying 172nd, 117 Aco.

As we were watching the video laughing and going oh there is "Johnson", oh there is "Head" there is "Nick" there is "Bo" and then we both became silent, it reminded us of our past and what we have been thru.... we were taken down a notch and humbled. Remembering your past is a good thing but I believe for my husband is something he has blocked out of him memory.

My prayers are with my fellow military spouses and their soldiers tonight and every night. May God's protecting angels to be around their love ones. I will forever will be grateful for what every service member has done for me and my family. No matter what war or what branch, Thank you to our U.S. military for your sacrifices!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Big Mo Drive-In Theater.

A week ago, my husband brought to my attention that somewhere around Columbia, there was an old Drive-In theater... I thought, that is SOOOO cool! We did some research on the web and found out all the info we needed. The search came up that It was called The Big Mo Drive-In Theater. Big Mo's was about an hour away, set in the middle of the woods with that good ole country feel but driving into it and parking, I felt as if I was in the 50's... it was very cool to soak it all up.
The Monetta Drive -In Theater (Big Mo's) saw its first lights on April 26th, 1951... thru the years of great movies and fun for the family, it closed down. After 13 years of neglect it was rescued and restored in 1998 by Richard & Lisa Boaz. Big Mo's reopened in 1999. The Drive-in is only open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights unless there is a special promotion or special feature playing. The play a double feature (ours was Indiana Jones 4 and Iron Man), you cant beat that!!! They also feature a trivia contest during intermissions to win free food from the concession stand and prizes. It is fun for all ages, since the theater opens at 7:00pm but the movies do not start till dark (about 9:00pm) they have a play area for people that want to throw the football or frisbee, a play park for the kids to get all their energy out before the movie and even have a 50's mini train for kids to ride on (Kaelin LOVED IT). In order to listen to the movie you tune in on your radio to 90.3 fm and the movie sounds play through your car speakers. Before the movie starts, they play vintage advertisements and music adding to that 50's feel... it was impressive! After waiting for dark and the movie finally played, a good 5 minutes was their vintage advertisement of something my grandparents would have watched when they went to the drive in... as you can see in the picture on the screen. Oh and I cant forget, they played the national anthem, everyone stood up and saluted our flag, very patriotic and exciting to see it!
++My personal advice before you check out this Drive-In theater.++
+Bring chairs or a blanket- since this was our first time ever doing this we didnt know what to expect so we just brought the car and ourselves. After finding our parking spots, we looked around and saw everyone had portable chairs and blankets. Some were sitting in the back or their trucks in their chairs, some were sitting infront of them and on some had a nice blanket spread out on the ground and the whole family layed together watching the movies.
+Bring your own snacks and eat dinner BEFORE going to Big Mo's- we had decided to get the whole effect of the Drive-In experience so we decided to wait till we arrived to eat dinner. We stood in line for awhile and ordered 2 chicken strips (2 small baked chicken strips), 2 cheeseburgers, a corn dog and a popcorn. The prices where not outrageous like most movie theaters BUT the food was very small portioned and bad quality. The popcorn was DELISH though! I would recommend picking up McDonald's for half the price and you will be full by the time the movie starts. I would recommend the popcorn for the movie experience though! You can avoid the lines and extra money if you take my advice.
+Have plenty of gas- Since it is now June, the south is getting pretty dang hot and humid. As night falls yes, it becomes cooler BUT when you are holding a child to fall asleep and trying to watch a movie, Hot and Humid is not tolerable (atleast for me). It is a MUST to have some AC kickin to keep yourself from going nuts by dripping sweat!
+Take advantage of the play area- have your kids get all their energy out as much as possible! In order to enjoy yourself, your kids either need to sit still or be asleep! haha
Overall, I had an memory making time! Alot of fun and just a great experience. We will be doing it again... I just had to learn the ropes and see what is going to work for our family! If you would like to have more information about Big Mo's or to find a Drive-In theater closest to you