Monday, July 28, 2008

A Fashion Show at Da Yooper shop!

Thank you all for joining us located here in the heart of the yoopers, Da Yooper shop-the Tourist Trap! Who would have ever thunk it but we are having a fashion show for everyone to see the latest fashion hitting Da Yooper Shop! Kaelin M. Keys is modeling these amazing shades from Mr. Peepers from Birthday Cakes to Flamingos! What is your favorite pair?!?! Just leave a comment!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Us 4 together again!

Here we are all together again! My oldest brother Todd (sunglasses), middle brother, Jesse (the happy smile), Me (in red) and my sister, Billie (in black). The last time we were all together was when my husband Jason was on leave right before his 16 month deployment, July 2005. An amazing event brought us together again and OH MY how we have grown... OLD! haha :) Kidding Kidding! We all actually look pretty dang good for our ages. I am the baby at 30 and the oldest is 38! I am so lucky to have these siblings in my life. My bestest friend is my sister and dont know what I would do with her! I love yous guys! :)

I am proud to announce Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Freeman!

A new addition to the family happened July 12th 2008! God brought Jesse and Renee together in an great way. The story of their lives would amaze you and how they came together in the end is only by the grace of God! Welcome to the family Renee! May God be with you both every step of the way! We love you guys!