Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to make a Knitting Needle Case!

My Mom's birthday is coming up and I ALWAYS make her something... well this year, I was out of ideas! She is covered in the tablerunner/topper area :) and while I was home this summer, my sister and I made a special wallhanging for her! My girls and I went to Hobby Lobby, NOTHING, then we went to WALMART, NOTHING then we went to JoAnn's Fabrics and I walked by the knitting area and remembered all my Mom's knitting needles but they werent organized and just laying everywhere in her craft closet. YUP YUP a Knitting Needle Case.. THATS IT! So I came home and thought of how I would make it and here is what I came up with!
You will need 3 fabrics:
an outside fabric (the light yellow)
the inside fabric (the green)
the ties AND the inside pockets (the blue)
NOW, the blue fabric is optional if you would like the pockets of the inside all to match. As for the ties, you DO NOT have to make your own, you can use ribbon or twine, anything that will tie together.
Cut the inside fabric leaving atleast 20 inches in length for pockets.
Cut the blue fabric the same width as the inside fabric, depending on how many pockets and how deep the pockets will be is how you will cut your fabric in length.
Cutting the outside fabric will be in a later step.
Give the inside and pocket fabric a good ironing, spray with heavy starch so that the fabric is nice and thick, which makes it easier to work with and holds your folds like a charm!
Play with the two fabrics making folds and determining how deep you want your pockets to hold the needles!
I folded the blue fabric into the pockets, placed it on the green fabric and made a small fold to cover up the blue fabric end.
Press and pin!
I had a total of 3 large pockets.
Now that the pockets are decided, I pinned the folds or "pockets" in place so they didnt move. Lay the fabric on a cutting mat and line the fabric up, take bias tape and measure and place every 2 inches totally up the top to make sure the lines you sew are straight and evenly spaced.
Sew along the lines (over only the folds) to make your pouches for the needles.
I now measured the total size of the inside and cut the outside fabric and quilters batting at the same dimensions. If you are making ties, cut it now. My next step was to make the ties. I cant disclose how I make my ties, it is a special technique my sister showed me and I can not pass along those tips! My sister would kill me (www.dashinglydiva.etsy.com) and I can not allow that!

Place the two fabrics right sides together and then the quilters batting.

Pin the fabrics together, making sure you pin the ties with a little piece sticking out of this "sandwich" we are making. Sew around the outside making sure to leave an opening so you can "birth" the case. Once the case it pulled through and everything looks good, sew up the small opening and do an outside stitch around the case to double secure the case.

You have now made yourself a Knitting Needle Case! Enjoy!
Remember, I didnt use special instructions, I just went with what my head told me... be creative, keep your mind open and go with your imagination! That is the best part!

Friday, August 22, 2008

And the Award goes too......

My Amazing HUSBAND! woohoo :) Jason Keys was presented with the Military Order of Saint Maurice- Centurion. Jason (and two other soldiers) took part in building the first EIB site here at Fort Jackson, SC... one of the main training posts. It was with Jason and the other soldiers that build this site from the dirt up. They had free reign to build this site as they saw fit. Months worth of work with two other men and will forever change the EIB training situation here at Fort Jackson. Jason and 3 other soldiers were given this Military Order of Saint Maurice award. With this award these 4 soldiers will have their names added to the Honor Roll of those that have been recognized by their Infantry peers and the National Infantry Association.
This award has been engraved with Jason's name and award serial number. It also contains a lapel pin. A certificate was also awarded at the time of receiving this award to be framed and hung in his work office (which he doesn't have one, his office is the range, field and anywhere else the new recruits must go). The medallion is worn around the soldiers neck and should wear this award on all appropriate occasions, where Infantrymen gather in the furtherance of customs and traditions, in support of the Infantry, the Army and the Nation.
Different versions of the Military Order of Saint Maurice medallion have been used for several hundred years. Established in 1994 as a joint venture between the NIA and the U.S. Army Infantry Branch, the Order of Saint Maurice recognizes individuals who have contributed significantly to the promotion of the Infantry as recognized by the individuals seniors, subordinates and peers. These individuals must also demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and moral character, an outstanding degree of professional competence, and serve the Infantry and its community with distinction. St. Maurice exemplified the bravery, commitment, and gallantry associated with the Infantry soldier.
I am so proud of my husband! I have such pride in calling him my soldier and makes me so proud to be a military spouse! Everyday he makes me more proud that he is my husband! I love you Jason Aaron! :)

New Coasters for this Hot Summer!

This summer in South Carolina has been an extremely hot one! Honestly, it isnt fun being outside but if you must, you should always have something to keep you cool... like water, ice tea, or lemonade. After about 15 minutes of being outside, I notice my glass gets "sweaty" and makes a puddle on my table! I cant stand that especially when you have a glass patio table, like me, always cleaning it! That is when I decided to make some new batches of coasters... newer and funkier then ever!
Simple Elegance Coasters:
This set of 4 coasters are reversible with a Marcus Brothers fabric and a Robert Kaufman fabric. The Marcus Brothers has creams, pinks, blues (with amazing florals designs of "sunflowers" and irises) and a muted black and the Robert Kaufman fabric is with multi colored pink polka dots. The binding is a Marcus Brothers coordinating polka dot with cream, blue and the muted black, the other binding is from Robert Kaufman Coral collection. Quilted with a 100% cotton light pink thread into a wavy stipple design. Made with 100% cotton batting. Measures 4 1/2 inches squared.These coaster coordinate with the Simple Elegance Table runner, price for $38.50.
Lotus Coasters:
This set of 4 coasters are reversible with a Amy Butler- Lotus fabric and coordinating Robert Kaufman multi colored pink fabric. The Amy Butler has creams, pinks, golds colors. The binding is a coordinating pinks and cream fabric with some floral design. Quilted with a 100% cotton light pink thread into a viney leaf design. Made with 100% cotton batting. Measures 4 1/2 inches squared.These coaster coordinate with the Lotus Pinwheel Tablerunner, priced for $32.