Saturday, September 27, 2008

Branching Out

A fellow Etsian, active Homefront Team Member and Michigander came to the team and asked if anyone would like to join her on branching outside of Etsy and starting a new shop together. I was hesitant for a second but was curious to find out what she was up to. I read her emails, checked out the site she was thinking of starting and then sat in a meeting to learn more about this proposition. As I was in the meeting learning about this new site, I realised that it might be a good idea to try something else to make more sales, whats the harm right?!?! More sales, money and getting my name out there was a good thing, just something new. I am not a person of change BUT you must take a risk in order to better yourself, so I was in on the plan! Emily has fully set up the site for us, with her husband by her side, it looks amazing! Thanks Emily (Ellabearbowtique)!
The site is called Hyena ( ) , it is alot like Etsy just not so commercial but still is about Handmade items and supporting the small business, avid crafter or hobbyist and Stay at Home Mom's. I have been told it also has a large Military Spouse following, which is right up our alley since our Etsy Street Team is all Military Spouse members. In order to start this "congo" we needed 10 members to join, one to keep the costs down and two to have a good selection of items for people to see. A congo is like a mini mall... you click on the congo and it brings you to 10 small shops to buy from. Our Congo is called America's Handmade Homefront. We have a great selection of items, Ella-bear bowtique which makes hairbows and hair items ( ), An Army Wife Trends which sells Army and Western items ( ), Homemade Zen which sells Amigurumi Patterns and Softies, seriously, they are adorable ( ), Maddie and Me which sells lil girls clothes ( ) and she also has Mommy's Little Helper, which sells soaps, bath salts, lotions, sprays, scrubs and more ( ), May Rae Crochet N Nit which sells crochet costume purses, mini wallets, hats and scarves ( ), Smokey Mountain Scents which sells the coolest candles! Her candles have a wooden wick which burns slower and also has the crackling sound of a fire, she is also pretty well known for her unique soaps ( ), Tuliptree Baby which sells are your handmade items for babies... minkey blankies, handmade shoes (yes SHOES!), washclothes, wetbags, and more ( ), a Homefront Etsy Outsider but also a Military Spouse, Love Abounds, I am told she makes toys and I even noticed she made pumpkin toffee (YUMMY!), and then my shop, Teri's Treasure ( ) which I sell tablerunners, toppers, pot holders, grabby guards, fridge decor, quilts and wallhangings. I have decided my quilts will be doing exclusively in the Hyena store and keep only kitchen items and wallhangings on Etsy. So if you are looking for my quilts, check out the Hyena store to purchase them!
After all that being said, wish us luck on our new endeavored and check out America's Handmade Homefront!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Whole New Direction.

Well, I have done alot of work on this dream of mine, about 7 months later, I have watched and noticed what sold the most. I have done alot of thinking and research as far as what I feel my shop can become with certain items I am good at making. A few weeks back, I realized that my shop is becoming more known for the Tablerunners and Toppers, then I added coasters, last week I added Pot Holders and Grabby Guards. It is more known for kitchen decor and accessories. I sat back and thought of other things that I may be able to do, new items I can get customers that may not have seen my items before. I thought, "THINK THINK THINK" and it came to me.... MAGNETS! I call them "Fridge Decor"... I had alot of different ideas, I debated in my head of what ones to do, I came up with these fabric magnets! I have others that is floating in my head, its all trial and error! If you would like to look at the selection I am selling, go to !

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Have you Forgotten?

7 years ago today, the United States of America was attacked by terrorists. That day, my life forever has changed and so has the rest of the U.S. The thing that makes me so upset is that they have forgotten what happened, they forgot how we felt when we saw our people killed and how we would never again let this happen. 7 years later, people are angry our military is at war, guess what, its what everyone wanted, to be protected but years later, they forget the reason we are fighting, they forget about the horrible day on September 11th, 2001 when our "normal lives" have went up in smoke. That day forever changed my life.

Where was I on September 11th 2001? I was in Texas, actually just waking up and the phone rang, it was my Mother. She told me to get to a T.V. as soon as possible. I turned on CNN and she was telling me what was going on, a plane hit one of the World Trade Center towers... as I watched, I saw the next plane hit the second tower and slowly watched the tower and ashes come pouring down to the ground! I just watch and cried! I watched clouds of dust overtake the streets like a freak blizzard hitting New York. I watched people jumping from the towers in desperation. Alyssa was 2 years old then, not married and without family... I clung to Alyssa and just cried and cried. I stayed in the house for 5 days watching the news channels like we would see an end to this horror movie, but it still hasnt ended. I morned these American's I didnt know, I morned these children that were killed. I watched as Americans cried and waited to find their friends or coworkers, or family, but they were never recovered. It became time to realize that life goes on, no matter what happens, you need to move along and live your life. Mine however would never be the same. I asked myself how I could take this horrible "bad dream" and move on, I promised myself I would NEVER FORGET these people, the situation and teach my children. I vowed to become a better American.

Two years later, I met Jason, my husband, a Infantry Soldier in the U.S. Army, wow was that uniform HOT! What was so hot about it though, in it he is a hero, he fights for everyone of you! His JOB is to defend the United States, even the people that are ashamed to be an American, even the American's you see burning our flags, even the American that protests at the Court House or Post Office screaming at us because our soldier is in Iraq fighting for you and me. Guess what, my husband and every military service member give all those AMERICAN's the right to say those things, scream at us, to protest, and to burn our flag. From the Revolutionary War service members to the Iraqi Vets, their sacrifices have made this country what it is and what it continues to be today. Anyways, back to MY soldier.... I married him and felt so lucky to be a Military Spouse, it was my job as an American as well. In August 2005, I realized that not only is my husband a service member but so am I! I watched my soldier match away to war and realised what my job not entitles! All my fellow military spouses and I serve our country! I can hold my head up high and say I, along with our service members and their spouses, am changing our country every step of the way.

So Today, 7 years later, almost to the hour the first plane hit the first Twin Tower, I can say I still allow myself to watch these videos, I still cry like I was back in Texas, on the phone with my Mother and watching everything happen. It reminds me of what I promised myself and how I will NEVER FORGET.

Have you Forgotten?

When the sun comes up in South Carolina.

Every Morning I wake up, get Alyssa's lunch made, breakfast wrapped and handed to her and out the door she goes! After that, I step outside, cup of coffee in hand, sit on my bench swing my amazing husband got for me and watch the sun come up. Every morning, I see my favorite thing in my back yard "wake up" with me! My vines! I have no clue what they are called but they are amazing. I know to trees and bushes they are a predator BUT to me, they are a sight to see and admire! Only in the mornings you will see these flowers in full bloom, as the bumble bees buzzing around getting their daily intake of pollen. As the air warms up and the sun gets hotter, the flowers close up and are almost unnoticeable. Since I check them out every morning, I get to marvel over how beautiful they really are. My girls will make "princess crowns" with them but since I told them it was enough, this vine is really overtaking my fence, which is great sense it saves me $500 for a privacy fence! haha As you can see in the first picture, the vine is growing up the trees and you can use my 3 year old as a size at how large these vines are really getting!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Section Added to the Shop!

For awhile, I have been wanting something different for my shop. I originally started Teri's Treasures selling only quilts and wallhangings and slowly started adding more. Now I specialize in table runners and table toppers, then added the coasters. I have slowly watched my shop transform into a anything quilted to thing more for the kitchen. It has been a long time coming but with encouragement from my Homefront Team ( I am now changing the feel of the shop into all things for the kitchen. I will stick with my quilts though since I love to make them! The thing about selling quilt on Etsy is that they are hard to sell, a high priced item and people must have a lot of money to buy them. The lower priced items are what sell, so that is why I find myself searching for new items to make. I came up with the POT HOLDERS!

I did a lot of research on Etsy seeing what others have, what was very common and then what hasnt been thought of yet. I also went to Target, Martha Stewart's website, Walmart and checked out the average size of the pot holders so I could make them just a tad bit different as well. So I came up with these!

These pot holders measure 8x10 to fully cover your forearms for added protection. I decided to add a strap to the back so your hand can slip in it so it doesnt more to hold the pot holder in place, for another safeguard of protecting your hands. The other thing that was highly important was to buy Insul-bright, which is a needled insulated lining. It consists of hollow, polyester fibers needlepunched through Mylar. The hollow fibers resist conduction while the reflective Mylar resists radiant energy.

Without further ad do, I now present my Pot Holder's from Teri's Treasure's shop!