Saturday, November 29, 2008

My First Front Page on Etsy!

Homemade Zen ( kindly convoed me to let me know, I had an item featured on the Front Page on Etsy! I couldnt have been more excited! The item views went from 89 to 336 in 30 minutes! It was amazing... I received 12 new shop hearts and 28 new item shop hearts on various items in the shop. Etsy FP's are amazing and such a feeling of accomplishment!

Black Friday Happenings at Teri's Treasure.

At Teri's Treasure's, there will be a Black Friday sale through December 5th. The sale will include free Domestic Shipping and discounted international shipping. A purchase from both of the shops will also come with a free gift! :)
Teri's Treasure on Etsy:
Teri's Treasure on Hyenacart:
The shop also won a spot on a well known blog called Barefoot Mommy, it was a special on Black Friday Sales, here is the feature:

Friday, November 14, 2008

You will be missed.

Thank you Grandpa Keys for the life you have lived and for touching our lives along the way. May you rest in peace and keep an eye on my husband from above! :) We love you.

Friday, November 7, 2008

New Christmas Fabrics

Here is my newest fabric, which I bought today! This was quite the event going with Kaelin but I eventually got these fabrics. Because of the time change, its already dark so the lighting is bad, the colors are multi shades of reds, greens, blues, creams, whites, gold and silver etching, the designs are stripes, polka dots, paisleys, old time Christmas ornaments and snowflakes. I just couldn't hold back my excitement to share the new fabrics I bought for new tablerunners, pot holders, kitchen towels, coasters, grabby guard sets, casserole grabby guards and fridge decor. I was thinking of making something totally new for my shop as well, but we will have to wait and see!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

My little invention... Casserole Grabby Guards.

These are exclusive items sold only at my shop on Hyena and in my shop on Etsy. This is a special item since I came up with this product after trying to come up with an item that is not only an accessory for your kitchen but a "cant live without" item as well. This item has 2 different purposes. It one is a set of oven mitts attached by fabric, they are great for pulling out those hot casseroles, dutch ovens and even turkey roasters. The attaching fabric helps protect your forearms and stomach, places that hot plate might touch your skin. The other purpose is that it is a large hot pad for your precious kitchen table. I love to cook, especially large hearty meals that usually involve large cooking pots and such, but I like to serve my food buffet style. This item is perfect for that! I have personally made myself 1 and used if for awhile now! I have put it through every test and it has passed with flying colors. This item is machine washable and becomes more pliable per wash yet does not take from the protection this item promises to give.

The Casserole Grabby Guard is constructed of a cotton fabric, a layer of insul bright thermal protecting batting, a layer of 100% cotton batting and another layer of cotton fabric, the hand pockets are constructed the same way. Machined binded with a double stitch for high durability. Measure 22inches long by 9 inches wide.
This item was intended for Casseroles but came to realise that fit even large cooking pieces, such as a Turkey Roaster, perfect for Thanksgiving! This is a item that makes life in the kitchen so much easier!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Homefront Gift Giving Guide Trunk Show!

You are invited to join the Homefront Team on Wednesday, November 5th at 7pm EST in the Virtual Labs on We will be hosting a Gift Giving Guide for those hard to buy for family members, friends, co-workers.... we will also be having 10 giveaway items totally free! We will even pay shipping, so you have 10 shots to win a totally free item! We will also be having promos so that you can save money when buying some Christmas presents, just for attending! I will be the M.C. for the night and their will be 14 shops featured at the trunk show! Let us help you find the perfect handmade gift for those hard to buy for people in your life!