Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gift Tags, a Seasonal Item.

These are such a fun project to do! It fast and exciting since you get instant gratification of the finished project! I just started messing around seeing what I could make, found some felt, card stock and was looking at my Christmas fabric and figured what the heck, and tried it! I was so pleased with the turn out, I decided to post them to Hyenacart ( within the first day, I already sold 1! That was pretty exciting to me. I showed my Homefront Ladies what I had come up with and with their encouragement, I posted them to Etsy. Within the first few hours, a sold another pack as well!
These items are for gift giving, I made them to be tags for presents or cookie tins. Having the card stock on the back allows you to write your "to and from's" or a nice message. The other thing about them is that its a gift that keeps on giving, they can also be used for ornaments on the tree! So every year, your tags can be reread by the recipient of your message, whether it be a word of encouragement or of love, it will bring back your kind heart every year!
Each gift tag design is different in size, some over 3 inches others as small as 2. They are machine sewn with a nice blanket stitch using silver metallic thread, to really make them "pop". I am excited to see how these items do... I have already had tons of feedback, so that makes them even more enjoyable to make!