Monday, May 11, 2009

Reusable On the Go Collection

Save the Earth one baggy at a time! Critics of the plastic baggy say they use up natural resources, consume energy to manufacture, create litter, choke marine life and add to landfill waste.

With the being said, I decided to jump on the band wagon and make some reusable items to help cut the waste of plastic baggies and add fun to eating anything from your Starbucks coffee to your child's snacks. Here are my newest items, now posted in the Reusable On the Go section of my shop.

Here you can see a reusable sandwich wrap. How this wrap works is alot like when you stop by McDonald's and they have the cheeseburgers wrapped in the paper... this is the same concept. The difference with this is 1) its reusable. 2) it is 12 inches squared to fit any size sandwich. From a classic PB&J to a Scooby and Shaggy size sandwich, either way, the wrap will always fit. 3) It comes with a Velcro strip to keep the sandwich secure and will not open until you are ready to eat it. To clean, you can either throw it in the washing machine OR you can just hand wipe the inside nylon clean, lay flat to dry. The price for this item is $7.50 plus shipping and have a small selection in the shop.

These are my best sellers! The Reusable On the Go Snack Bags! The perfect size for little hands to a dieter using portion control. This Snack Bag measures 4 inches by 5.5 inches. The reviews I have gotten on these bags is that the best feature is the Velcro from side to side, making sure the snacks do not fall out. I use a strong Velcro so your little one's may need help opening it however, you can know that the snack will not be broken into unless you opened it yourself! To clean, you can throw these in the washing machine or you can flip it inside out and hand wipe it clean, lay flat to dry. There is a larger selection of Snack Bags in the shop, each is priced at $5 a snack bag plus shipping.

The On the Go Cozy. This is perfect for the avid Starbucks goer or a Smoothie-holic. This cozy will replace the cardboard cozy that is wrapped around your cup for each purchase. Tell them to hold the cozy, you have your own. Drink in style with these selections of cozy's in the shop. Some of the cozies have pockets and some dont, yet each equally adorable! Prices vary from $7.50 to $8.50 per cozy plus shipping.

Thank you for learning about my Reusable On the Go Collection, if you would like a custom order done, please let me know and we can get something set up!

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